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A launch event for a mobile creative studio, The Silver Bullet, was held in Liverpool’s quirky Camp and Furnace last night, with live saxophone, locally craft beers and perfect photo opportunities to entertain guests.

You’d be forgiven for wondering what The Silver Bullet is… Think vintage American Airstream meets James Bond’s private jet and you’re almost there. In short, a retro trailer that has been carefully and respectfully transformed into a mobile salon stroke barbershop stroke gentleman’s lounge. The dark wood, cream leather upholstery and timeless finishes make this a luxurious space for festivals, the morning of your wedding, backstage on set, and more. Fully equipped with sinks, styling chairs, a mini-fridge and cocktail bar, you can hire The Silver Bullet for any special occasion or event.

I think the real story here, though, is that of the founders. Cameron Stananought and his business partner both trained in hair styling and barbering at the coveted Andrew Collinge academy (Andrew himself joined the pair to celebrate on launch night) before opening Swanky Malone across two sites in Liverpool. The Silver Bullet epitomises the Swanky Malone passion for 1950s grooming, vintage style and high-class service whilst being a modern concept in that of a mobile venue, complimenting any current event.

These local lads have had their business dreams turned to reality with the renovation of the retro camper, with the fixtures, fittings and fabrics being hand-crafted and installed by supportive family members.

It was clear to see the excitement and ambition behind The Silver Bullet experience. Watch out for it at events up and down the country.


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